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Tired of illegaly parked cars on your property?


Preferred Towing and Recovery understands that providing adequate parking to residents, visitors, patrons, and homeowners can alone be a difficult task. Vehicle owners who disregard parking regulations can only add to the parking problems that already exist on your property. Illegally parked and/or abandoned vehicles can cause an unsafe, cluttered parking area, creating an inconvenience to you and your residents or homeowners.

That's where Preferred Recovery comes in...

We offer a wide variety of complimentary services aimed at providing you with convenient and quick solutions to most parking problems:

Tired of illegaly parked cars on your property? If you're a building or property owner Preferred Towing and Recovery LLC can help. Many local businesses and property owners depend on Preferred to keep thier lots free from unwanted vehicles. We can arrange to have Parking Restricted Signs delivered to you. Follow these simple steps and soon Preferred will be able to get rid of those unwanted cars. Did you know that normally there is no charge to tow the cars to the property owner, it is the vehicle owners responsibility.

Contact us and a Representative will deliver your Parking Restricted Signs to the property. All entrances and secondary locations must display the required signs, which must be clearly visible to the public.
The Property owner must submit a properly completed Private Property Tow Application (PDF) to us before we are able to remove any vehicles from property.

Once we have received the completed Private Property Tow application, an onsite inspection will be conducted. Towing vehicles is prohibited until the application has been approved.

This will correct any parking issues that you may have, we offer 24 hour service 7 days per week. This service is extremely helpful in winter months when snow plowing your lots and there are vehicles parked all over the place making it difficult to get the lot plowed properly, which can cause liability issues later on for the property owner.

Please contact us today for immediate service concerning any parking issues that you may have no matter if you have a three car parking lot or a shopping mall, Preferred can handle it all.

There are two types of accounts Preferred Towing and Recovery LLC offers to accommodate your business' or complex's needs:

1. PATROL accounts allow Preferred to patrol through your complex at various times, day or night, and tow vehicles which are illegally parked. Red Zones are fire lanes, painted red curbs, or areas where proper fire lane signs are posted. Vehicles parked illegally in fire zones will be photographed and towed at the vehicle owner's expense.

2. REQUEST ONLY accounts allow for only an individual or select few authorized persons (on the account) to call and request a vehicle be removed from private property. That person(s) must be present to sign the request for removal.

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